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Anticellulite diet, How to remove cellulite

Cellulite Diet: Diet Menu of the Anti-Cellulite Diet

Diet menu to remove 8 to 10 lbs per month and get back in shape. Cellulite removal

Diet Menu of the Cellulite Diet to Fight Cellulite

Diet menu to get rid of cellulite and lose weight. Lose 10 lbs per month
Cellulite affects 90% of women.A woman can have cellulite even when she is not overweight. An anti-cellulite diet to lose weight is effective to reduce cellulite and orange peel skin. A cellulite diet is based on persistency and prevention. The first step to take in order to fight cellulite is ti adopt an adequate diet, as there is a strict correlation between the amount of toxins in your body and the presence of cellulite.

Benefits of the Cellulite Diet

An anti-cellulite diet has several benefits: it helps visibly reducing cellulite in 4 weeks, it improves water retention, it helps losing weight and shaping your figure.
Weight loss: losing 10 lbs per month.

Our expert opinion about cellulite

It is crucial to drink 2 bottles of water per day, but never during meals in order to remove toxins and improve your circulation. However, if you need to cut down on fat to balance your diet, it is completely useless to avoid carbohydrates. A saltless diet is also useless.

Anti-Cellulite Diet: Diet Menu to Fight Cellulite

You may follow your anti-cellulite diet twice a week. Discover the diet menu to get rid of cellulite.

Small rolled ham and fresh cheese
Fruit and carrot juice

Asparagus, tomatoes, onion, grilled courgettes and grilled burger
Chickpeas salad with vinaigrette and lemon chicken breast
Asparagus, hearts of palm with vinaigrette and grilled cod
Lettuce hearts with anchovies and grilled fillet

Chicken soup and parsley Spanish omelette
Fruit salad and hake cooked as you like
Cream of leek with one small piece of cheese and 2 sausages
Hake in green sauce with clams and hardboiled egg

Toasted bread with butter and jam
Bread with tomato and fresh cheese
Fruit juice

Green salad and pesto pasta
Asparagus spears and rice with vegetables
Cherry tomatoes with mozzarella and dates, plums, figs and raisins
Potato salad, onion and tomato and white rice with tomato sauce

Green beans with potatoes and fresh cheese
Artichoke hearts with vinaigrette and wild rice
Gazpacho (Spanish cold soup) with croutons
Consomm (potatoes, onions and carrots)

Results of the Cellulite Diet: 10 Lbs Less per Month

The cellulite diet will fight cellulite and you will lose 10 lbs per months by following a healthy diet menu.You need to cook with moderate amounts of olive oil, and drink at least 2 bottles of water per day between meals. And do not abuse of fruit. The ideal amount will be not more than two pieces per day. As for bread, always choose dietary bread and consume in small amounts. And dairy products, recommended for their calcium contribution, should be skimmed in order to limit fat.