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Anti-Cellulite Treatments (Fighting Cellulite)

Treatments to get rid of cellulite, orange peel skin and localized fat. Cellulite treatments

Anti-Cellulite Treatments: Getting Rid Of Cellulite

Treatments against cellulite. How to get rid of cellulite and orange peel skin?
The fight against cellulite and orange peel skin can be taken up from different sides. The multi-discipline treatment we recommend is the solution. New devices not only help fat come out of adipocytes, but also destroys it with no pain involved!

Anti-Cellulite Treatment That Works!

Cellulite affects 90% of women. New treatments and devices are perfect to reduce cellulite, eliminate liquids, give tone and spoil you; in addition, the last anti-cellulite creams provide your skin with the texture you always dreamed about. Discover the last effective treatments to reduce and eliminate cellulite. Fight the cellulite!

Find out here all effective treatments to visibly improve cellulite and orange peel skin: cavitation, radio-frequencies, mesotherapy, liposuction, ultrasounds, and many more...

Treatments to Get Rid Of Cellulite in your Legs and Thighs

The main treatments are very effective to eliminate incipient cellulite. For established cellulite, treatments are more complicated, and sometimes the results are disappointing. However, nowadays there are a lot of solutions to fight cellulite. Discover the best anti-cellulite treatments.

In order to prevent cellulite, you need to follow a balanced diet, and conduct a healthy lifestyle, which includes doing regular exercise such as swimming, walking and other endurance sports. Experts recommend watching your weight since a young age to avoid the proliferation of cellulite zones, which could be hard to remove. Anti-Cellulite Treatments: Fight Cellulite

Anti-Cellulite Treatment: Radiofrequencies to Fight Cellulite

Results: Radiofrequencies are the aesthetic solution to fight acute flaccidity in areas such as the abdomen, the legs, the buttocks and the front part of your arms.

How does it work? The new device is a radiofrequency-based liposuction system. It is based on a similar principle than the laser, however, it makes use of a different source of energy. An internal electrode as thin as a human hair is introduced in the fat tissue through a tube. Meanwhile, a second bigger electrode is introduced on the skin surface. A radiofrequency is generated between them, which brings the local temperature up to 40-42C. The goal is to dissolve the fat, coagulate the blood, and, at the same time, strengthen the fibres supporting the epidermis in order to contract the skin, and eventually obtain a crease, marks and irregularities-free final result. The dissolved fat is extracted through a standard liposuction tube.

Who should benefit from it: Radiofrequencies are especially recommended to women over 40, or whose skin is very relaxed. The main goal here is to eliminate liquid retention.

Price: Thighs and buttocks: $225 per 40-60 minute session. Ankles and knees: $125 per 20 minutes session. You need at least 4 to 10 sessions, once a week.

Our opinion: A local anaesthetic is applied throughout the procedure. Radiofrequencies make the body produce collagen in a natural way.

Anti-Cellulite Treatment: Ultrasounds to Remove Fat (Ultrashape)

Results: In Israel miracle machines have improved: a sophisticated technology acting as a liposuction on the operating theatre breaks the adipocyte. Ultrashape devices are great because the get rid of those generous amounts of fat, which are impossible to remove through diets or exercise.

How does it work? It helps breaking fat cells (adipocytes), through a mechanical effect known as adipocytoclasia, without affecting the surrounding structures. To perform this task, it uses high-density focused ultrasounds. It does not generate heat, it is painless, fast and safe.

Who should benefit from it: Ultrashape V3 is suitable for whoever has localized non-fibrose fat (bland fat) of more than 1.8 cm thick, says our expert. It can only be applied in the abdomen, waist and love handles. It should be avoided by pregnant women and people with hepatic disorders.

Price: Results can be seen from the first session ($700). You need approximately two or three sessions. In order to guarantee the effectiveness of the treatment, it is recommended to leave a gap of 15 days between two sessions, since as soon as the cell membrane breaks, it is free and therefore needs time to be metabolized and eliminated. This is why it is fundamental to do exercise on the next days, so that the muscle has the chance to consume the extra energy.

Our opinion: The best? It makes it impossible for the fat to store in the same area again.

Anti-Cellulite Treatment: Massages to Eliminate Cellulite (Icoone)

Results: It visibly reduces cellulite and skin flaccidity. Circulation improves, and orange peel skin marks are less visible around the 4th session. Icoone micromassage is pleasant, without itching.

How does it work?This aesthetic treatment employs special perforated rollers which generates fat fragmentation through a vacuum effect (micromassage).

Who should benefit from it: It is recommended for recent or edematose cellulite and when it easily generates hematomas.

Price: The number of sessions depends on the patient. Normally, 10 to 15 sessions, 2-3 times a week. Between $15 and 30 per 30 minute session.

Our opinion: The more the sessions, the more improvements you will notice (cellulite as well as localized fat). Volume loss is evident.

Anti-Cellulite Treatment: Velashape to Shape your Silhouette

Results: Get rid of your cellulite in 4 sessions with radiofrequency, rollers, suction and infrared.

How does it work? Technology improved in a way that bipolar radiofrequency, vacuum and rollers benefits improved considerably. Now they are suitable to any kind of cellulite.

Who should benefit from it: For women with Edematous cellulite or localized fat (fat is less than 1.5 cm thick in your abdomen, waist and hips).

Price:The new Velashape requires a minimum amount of sessions. The recommended average is 4 to 6 sessions ($80 per session), although it varies according to the patient.

Our opinion: If your obsession is tonic skin and cellulite, the new version of the revolutionary Velashape will change your body... and your life too!

Anti-Cellulite Treatment: Presotherapy to Reduce Cellulite

Results: Presotherapy helps reducing cellulite, improves your blood system, increases the oxygen in your body and decreases your blood pressure. It improves your lymphatic system, as it feeds your cells and eliminates toxins, and at the same time stimulates your immune system. It stimulates your muscles and gives them tone.

How does it work? Presotherapy is the procedure that ensures your venous and lymphatic system is supported by an actual suction pressure pump, which acts like a peripheral heart and gives your blood flow the necessary impulse for a quick return to your heart. This way, the toxin reabsorption process speeds up, and improves your tissue oxygenation.

Price: There is a wide range of aesthetic clinics offering this treatment, which allows you to compare prices, starting from $50 per session. Several sessions are required to be able to see any results, so the cost is approximately $400.

Our opinion: Presotherapy visibly improves cellulite and orange peel skin in 4-5 sessions (we recommend 10 to 12 sessions). In addition, it benefits our lymphatic and blood system, which is much appreciated by our system. No anaesthetic is required, neither general nor local (the same as cavitation and mesotherapy).

Anti-Cellulite Treatment: Liposuction to Get Rid Of Cellulite (Surgery)

Results: Liposuction removes cellulite, as it extracts fat cell once and for all, and the body does not produce them again.

How does it work? In the 95% of the cases a superficial liposuction with extra-thin cannulas is performed to ensure there are no irregularities. The liposuction should be performed in the operating theatre in hospital, and local anaesthetics and sedation is enough. First the areas to be liposuctioned are marked whilst the patient stands upright, as the fat moves when the patient is changing position. After sterilizing the affected area, the cannula is introduced through a little cut, and the anaesthetic is inserted, swelling the cells in order to be able to suck them out. Then, fat cells are suctioned once and for all through another cannula connected to a vacuum (not more than 6 litres).

Price: For one area $1,500 and $4,000 for a big liposuction. The most famous surgeons charge between $3,000 and $6,000.

Our opinion: The recovery is easy and the patient can lead a normal life pretty quickly. It is recommended to use bandages or compression stockings in the affected areas for 2-3 weeks. It is common to see an oedema or some swelling for a few days, and the result can be seen just after they disappear, therefore massages and endermology are recommended.

Anti-Cellulite Treatment: Lipomassage to Reduce Orange Peel Skin

Results: Use lipomassage to soften cellulite, eliminate resistant and localised fat, tone your skin around you knees or drain your calves.

How does it work? The novelty this year: thanks to a new set of devices, it is now possible to sculpt your silhouette by acting directly on the problematic areas, starting from 15 minutes per area. br />
Price: The results can be seen after 6 sessions, and are very visible in 12 sessions. Lipomassage treatment $30 for 15 minutes (or $60 for 35 minutes). The treatment can be complemented by anti-cellulite products according to your cellulite type, aqueous (caused by water retention) or adipose (due to an excess of fat). Anti-cellulite cream starting from $46 for 150 ml.

Our opinion:Regardless of your type of cellulite, this technique helps making your skin more smooth and draining your tissues.

Anti-Cellulite Treatment: Cavitation to Remove Localized Fat

Results: Yes, you can lose centimetres in your waist thanks to the famous ultrasound machine. A set of controlled vibrations literally breaks all the adipocytes (localized fat).

How does it work? Thanks to ultrasounds and electrostimulation, you can treat cellulite and flaccidity safely and in an easy way. Cavitation can be performed at home with this new set of devices. Not only you will not have to go anywhere, it also works very well.

Price: $110 to $140, per 45 minute session. You need 4 to 8 sessions, with a week gap in between. No follow up session is required.

Our opinion:It is recommended to combine cavitation with reduction massages and manual lymphatic draining in order to decrease the swelling and help eliminating fat.

The Treatment Result Should be Maintained through Exercise

Ideally, you should do 40 minutes of cardiovascular (tennis, jogging, spinning) and muscular (body pump, light weights) exercise. Our experts say that everything that makes your legs move is anti-cellulite: cycling, walking, and taking the stairs. So, you should avoid conducting a sedentary life (sitting in your office for example, you need to stand often and take a walk).