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Massages against Cellulite (Reduce Cellulite)

Best anti-cellulite massages to get rid of cellulite. Cellulite massages. Cellulite removal

Cellulite Massage: How to Perform an Anti-Cellulite Massage

Anti-cellulite massages to reduce cellulite. Best anti-cellulite massages
Cellulite is visible in 9 out of 10 women, especially in your muscles, buttocks and thighs. Cellulite is nothing else than storing liquid between fat cells, due to bad circulation. Here are our tips to reduce cellulite through anti-cellulite massages (self-massages).

Best Massages Against Cellulite

Next, how to perform an anti-cellulite massage to eliminate fat cells (adipocytes). Reduce visibly cellulite.

Anti-cellulite massage: Fighting cellulite starts in its first stages. When you are at home, it is important to apply an anti-cellulite cream via self-massages on a daily basis.

Massages allow creams to be absorbed, your blood flow will be re-activated in the affected areas, and skin tissues will be stimulated. Self-massages should last no longer than 5 minutes. Your body deserves daily devotion. Movements during your massage should be performed from feet to thighs, and by keep your legs slightly raised.

Anti-cellulite cream: In order for your anti-cellulite cream to be completely absorbed, you need to apply it with a self-massage. This is the key to fight cellulite. Experts recommend apply your cream once or twice a day, ideally after taking a shower, in the affected areas (muscles, buttocks, legs).

The Different Stages of an Anti-Cellulite Massage (Self-Massage)

In order to perform an anti-cellulite massage in your legs, you should perform big circular movements, from the lower part of the muscle to the upper part of your body. In addition, a massage has an important psychological effect and also means using your energy, although we do not usually think about it!Anti-cellulite massage: Cellulite massage

Stage 1: Light massage These initial movements stimulate your blood and lymphatic flow. Apply the cream in your muscle with some energy. Raise the upper part of your leg: go from your knee to your thigh. Always start from the internal part of your muscle and finish on the external part. Continue until the cream has been absorbed. It is very useful to help the next movements.

Stage 2: Pinch Take as much skin as you can in your right hand, push towards your left hand and twist. Imagine the muscle is made of play dough. Perform this movement on all the muscle. Little by little, your skin will become softer. This way, you will be able to perform a deeper and more firm massage. You may use your thumbs to push your skin. Tighten and pinch firmly for a few minutes and do it again, although it may be painful: This is the proof your massage is effective.

Stage 3: Pressure Now push, bend your fingers and use the flat part of your second phalanges to draw circles in both directions, and alternate with your two hands. Perform this movement from down up. The pressure should be firm but a little lighter in the internal part of your muscle, as the area is more fragile.

Stage 4: Percussion Keep your wrists flexible, close your fists and hammer the muscle. This movement should not be too strong, but light, elastic and regular and avoid the internal part of your muscle. For difficult to reach areas (the back part of your muscle), use only one hand, in order to keep the rhythm.

Stage 5: Rhythmical pressure Increase pressure with your palm and fleshy part, as if your hands were swinging on your skin. Perform your massage from the knee until the upper muscle, in the biggest possible area.

Stage 6: Wave like pressure This movement is very similar to the previous one. Put your fingertips on the skin, and move slightly up the muscle. Your hand should move like a pendulum (fingers, palms and fleshy parts). The massage name is associated to the type of movement: it imitates a wave splashing on the sand. Try to be as regular as possible and give a constant effect to the wave, if possible.

Stage 7: Short alternated massage Now, massage lightly your muscle with short and repetitive movements and alternating your hands. Imagine you are removing crumbs from a cloth, its exactly the same small movement. Once again, massage from down up. This massage should be light and soft. Finish with a wide caress, from your knee to your muscle. Repeat these pleasant movements twice.

How to Finish an Effective Anti-Cellulite Massage...

To finish, repeat all the sequence in the other muscle and, eventually in your belly as well (here, you do not need to be too firm!). Note: The pressure movements and the pinching should be firm enough so that this exercise is quite unpleasant. In fact, it is a good idea to lift your skin and pinch so that the subcutaneous fat pads are sweated out. Be careful: firm does not mean violent. The main goal is force the lymph and your circulation to work, to damage your skin.

After the Massage: Extend the Effects of the Anti-Cellulite Massage

In order to extend the effects of your cream massage, it is recommended to cover your skin with a bathrobe or a tracksuit. This way, the anti-cellulite benefits last throughout the day. After your massage, relax and enjoy (lie down to relax all your body).

The following day of the cellulite massage, after taking a shower or a bath, use a horsehair glove to scrub the affected areas. Put some alcohol and a cypress essential oil on your glove. Apply and let your skin rest a little bit. After that, apply your usual body lotion.

How to Choose the Anti-Cellulite Cream for your Cellulite Massage

Massages should be performed with anti-cellulite creams. Anti-cellulite creams have just been recently considered to be useful, and have the advantage of being relatively affordable as well as coming in a wide range. Cosmetologists never stop improving their composition and texture (spray, gel, serum, absorption). It is important to choose the appropriate anti-cellulite cream to your cellulite type.

cellulite For edematous cellulite, you should go for a draining effect cream with active ingredients such as the brown Indian, grape seeds or cypress.

cellulite For hard cellulite, the best is opting for a coffee based cream, which reduces infiltration in your tissues, makes your skin more firm, limits fat storage and contributes to toxin elimination.

Cellulite massage: Natural Products for your Massages

Coffee Caffeine helps making your skin more firm. Make 50 cl of strong coffee. Pour it into a bottle (very clean). Add lemon juice, seal the bottle, shake and rest for 24 hrs. Follow these instructions (belly, muscles and buttocks) twice a day. Once the exfoliation is complete, clean your skin with spring water. Store in the fridge (not more than 7 days). There are coffee based products on the market which could be used directly to massage. Usually, their smell and application is not pleasant, and leave marks on your skin, however, this is part of the effectiveness of the product itself.

The coffee grounds (the remainder of toasted coffeeCoffee grounds are the residual part of coffee after water has been filtered. Perform a peeling with coffee grounds: its roughness makes it a caffeine exfoliant. For more effectiveness, add lemon juice, fresh ginger juice and olive oil. Once the exfoliation is complete, clean your skin with spring water.

Ivy Collect some ivy leaves from a garden. Pick green leaves, and do not break them. Then squash the leaves (100 gr of leaves per water litre) and boil them for 10-15 minutes. Then apply them with a hot towel or in your bath... Twice a day.

Salt Salt absorbs water in excess in cellulite areas. Every morning, apply damp coarse salt on your muscles and belly. Wrap your muscles with a clear plastic sheet for 20 minutes. This treatment may itch and irritate. You need to rinse well and apply a calming cream after the treatment.

Seaweed powder Seaweed powder is a detoxicant and helps fighting cellulite. Here are the ingredients of this detoxicant: -1 Tablespoon of seaweed powder (Chemists or herbalist) -1 tsp sugar -1 tsp coffee powder -1 tsp honey - Add cucumber juice and apple juice to soften the mix. Apply generously this paste on your wet body and clean off after 30 mins. Make sure you clean your skin adequately.

Cellulite Massage: Manual Lymphatic Drainage for Cellulite

celluliteResults: Thanks to this massage technique, the lymphatic flow speeds up and the interstitial liquid is renewed more quickly, which gives a pleasant sensation of lightness. Cellulite is visibly reduced in your legs, buttocks and muscles.

celluliteHow it works: The lymphatic drainage is very useful when your cellulite is due to water retention. It is a soft massage, which improves microcirculation, and eliminates recent excessive liquid in your tissues. This way, the filtration and absorption process in your blood vessels speed up and cells are better oxygenated. The benefits (urine and toxin elimination) can last a few days after your massage.

celluliteWho should benefit from it:It is recommended during pregnancy, as this is when swollen legs are very common. There are no contraindications, as movements are regular and slow. It is also very beneficial after giving birth, since women are genetically predisposed to liquid retention.

celluliteSessions: Each lymphatic drainage session should last 60 minutes on average and should be performed every 2 days, so that the results can be easily seen. The number of required sessions depends on the cellulite stage, and on whether the woman is actually following nutrition rules or not.

celluliteOur opinion: It is important to bear in mind that, although the patient is able to eliminate cellulite through drainage, this may come back if diet is inappropriate or his/her lifestyle is still sedentary.

Our Experts View: Massages Reduce the Swelling

Nowadays, we know (studies confirm) that massages have a beneficial effect on adipocytes metabolism, that is to say, they are easily emptied of their fat stock. Although you cannot obtain the same pressure intensity of a machine, it is a good idea to spend a few minutes performing massages on your skin after applying you anti-cellulite cream. For a better result, use those massage rollers some creams come with. It is good for your blood flow anyway.