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Anti-Cellulite Exercises (Cellulite Removal)

Best exercises to fight cellulite in your legs and thighs. Exercises against cellulite

Anti-Cellulite Exercises: Exercises That Works for Cellulite!

45-minute routine exercises to remove cellulite in your legs and thighs. Exercises that works
Do you want hard, round and tonic buttocks? Follow this exercise chart every day for 45 minutes. Eliminate cellulite, orange peel skin and love handles even before you can see them. Fight the cellulite!

Exercises: The Secret of Success

Cellulite are those dimply bulges of skin that can resemble the peel of an orange. Cellulite is most commonly found on the stomach, arms and thighs. Causes of cellulite include stress, hormones, genetics, smoking, a sedentary lifestyle and harsh massages. Cellulite can be treated in different ways, but exercise seems to be the best solution. Exercise not only helps to burn excess fat that can cause cellulite, but it also increases blood circulation, which plumps up the skin and makes the cellulite less noticeable.

If possible, do exercise 2-3 times a week, 40 minutes per session minimum. Sport helps burning fat and improves your blood flow, so it is a unique ally to fight cellulite.

What you need: a mat (or a beach towel), and a Fitball (gym ball).

Cellulite Exercises: Firm Thighs in Summer and Goodbye Cellulite!

Anti-cellulite exercise: Cellulite removal
Routine 1 Fighting cellulite
Exercise: Skipping the rope
Goal: Buttocks, legs, triceps, abs, cardio

Any sportsman/woman has a skipping rope. It strengthens the muscles in your legs and buttocks, slims your silhouette, burns calories and makes your balance and breathing work out. Choose a rope with ergonomic handles, and most of all, wear a sport bra. Do 10 minutes of fast rope skipping (= 20 minutes of running), that is, burning 160 kcal.

Anti-cellulite exercise: Cellulite removal
Routine 2 Fighting cellulite
Exercise: Rollerblades
Goal: Thighs, buttocks, legs, abs, cardio

Fundamental to get strong and round buttocks, and iron muscles and calves. Less traumatic for your cartilage than running, it is recommended by sports doctors for over 40. 30 minutes of practise = you burn 200 kcal.

Anti-cellulite exercise: Cellulite removal
Routine 3 Fighting cellulite
Exercise: Bicycle or hydrobike
Goal: Thighs, legs

Cycling improves your circulation, strengthens your calves and muscles, and reduces oedemas. The novelty is the hydrobike: 20 minutes cycling in a box full of water with a blast on your legs Fun and pleasant, any woman would feel lighter legs at the end of the session. 30 minutes practise = you burn 300 kcal

Cellulite Exercises: Tonic Buttocks and Goodbye Cellulite!

Anti-cellulite exercise: Cellulite removal
Routine 4 Fighting cellulite
Exercise: Tonic and firm buttocks
Goal: Legs, buttocks

Sit on the floor, with your legs open and stretched forward Go forward with one leg and then with the other and use your shoulders to help yourself. This exercise will massage you buttocks and the back side of your muscles.
In the same position, with a perpendicular bust and your legs in a 45 degrees angle, balance with one leg and then the other. Repeat 20 times each movement.

Anti-cellulite exercise: Cellulite removal
Routine 5 Fighting cellulite
Exercise: Supported sit up
Goal: Abs, legs, buttocks, thighs

Put a ball against the wall and sit on it as if it was a chair.
Use the fitball rotation, and go up and down.
Keep your back straight. Take note!
Your fitball helps improving your balance and keeping a good postural hygiene. Do two series of 15 sit ups.

Anti-cellulite exercise: Cellulite removal
Routine 6 Fighting cellulite
Exercice : Sit ups to fight cellulite
Goal: Thighs, buttocks, legs

Do you know how to do sit ups? Keep your back straight and your legs aligned with your hips. Put your hand on your waist, breathe in and go down until the muscle is parallel to the ground, as if you were about to sit. Try not to lean forward too much.
Do 3 series of 10 sit ups, and take a break in between.

Anti-cellulite exercise: Cellulite removal
Routine 7 Fighting cellulite
Exercice : Donkey kick Leg rising
Goal: thighs, buttocks, legs

Put your palms and knees on the mat. Move one knee towards the abdominal area and push backwards (as if you were kicking). Repeat the exercise with the other leg. Do two series of 20 kicks.

Cellulite Exercises: Tonic Legs and Goodbye Cellulite!

Anti-cellulite exercise: Cellulite removal
Routine 8 Fighting cellulite
Exercise: Split squat
Goal: Buttocks, legs, thighs

From an upright position, separate both legs and bend. The knee should not go any further than your foot (90 angle), and your back knee should not touch the floor. Go up and down. Do repetitions with one leg and then switch to the other. Do two series of 15 repetitions.

Anti-cellulite exercise: Cellulite removal
Routine 9 Fighting cellulite
Exercise: Sumo sit ups
Goal: Shoulders, triceps, oblique muscles, abs, buttocks

Separate your feet, open your legs (a little bit more than normal) with your feet pointing away. Bend your knees and stretch forward and between legs. Keep this position for a few seconds and go back to the initial one. Do 2 series of 15 repetitions.

Anti-cellulite exercise: Cellulite removal
Routine 10 Fighting cellulite
Exercise: Pelvis elevation
Goal: Legs, buttocks, abs

Lie down on your back on the mat, lift both legs and put them on the exercise ball. Your arms should be stretched and close to your body. Then move your buttocks up and down, 5 cms from the floor. Do not move the rest of your body!
This giant ball increases the intensity of the exercises. You will be more resistant! Do two series of 20 repetitions.

After the Anti-Cellulite Exercises, a Fresh Ending...

Treat yourself with a massage in your legs and thighs muscles with an anti-cellulite cream or a cooling effect gel. Apply the product from down up (from your ankles to your knees) to activate your circulation. You will activate the muscles and venous return, and your legs will feel relieved.