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Anti-Cellulite Creams (Fighting Cellulite)

Best anti-cellulite creams to fight cellulite on thighs and legs. How to remove cellulite

Cellulite Creams: Best Anti-Cellulite Cream That Works for You

Anti-cellulite creams to remove cellulite. How to get rid of cellulite. Best creams for cellulite
Anti-cellulite creams help fighting cellulite and eliminating localized fat. They certainly help reducing the orange peel skin appearance, as they help your skin become more smooth and hydrated, and improve the tone of the areas with cellulite.

The Best Anti-Cellulite Cream

If you have cellulite in your legs due a morphological condition, anti-cellulite creams will make sure it is not that visible. Remember that anti-cellulite creams do not perform miracles. Especially if you tend to use them only when summer is coming. Regularity is the key of success to remove cellulite.

Here are the best anti-cellulite creams on the market to fight cellulite and eliminate localized fat. Fight cellulite!

Anti-cellulite Creams: Products with Anti-Cellulite Active Ingredients

Applying an anti-cellulite cream requires constancy. Creams should be applied on a daily basis and every day. The most effective anti-cellulite creams on the market contain active ingredients with one or more of the following ingredients:

celluliteVenotonics or anti-edematose: They improve superficial blood flow and stop the formation of edemas. They are always vegetal extracts (Indian chestnut, Asian centella, Ginkgo biloba, Butchers broom, ivy and red vine, among others).

celluliteRubefacients: Menthol and camphor are common, as they temporarily increase the temperature in the area, which enhances circulation and local skin metabolism.

celluliteLipolitics: They reduce fat storage in lipocytes and correspond to traditional vegetal stimulants such as caffeine, theophylline, guaran, cola nut and iodine seaweed. There are also new active ingredients with exotic plants, such as forskolin and Ammi visnaga.

celluliteAntilipogenics: They stop maturation of preadipocytes in adipocytes: among others we have glaucine and genistein.

celluliteRestructurants: These ingredients stop the destructuration and deorganization of the fibres of the conjunctive tissue through several mechanisms. Examples are mucopolysaccharides, several oligoelements (silicium, manganese, copper and zinc) and vitamins A, B, C, and E.Anti-Cellulite Creams: Cellulite Removal

Anti-Cellulite Creams: Make Full Use of Them in 30 Days

There is a procedure in order to make full use of an anti-cellulite product. Find out the best tricks for your anti-cellulite product to reach 200% effectiveness from it and obtain a smoother skin in 30 days.

1. Skin exfoliation A previous exfoliation allows active ingredients to be better absorbed as well as improving your blood flow. In addition, it prepares your skin to receive the benefits of the anti-cellulite creams much faster.

2. The massage is fundamental Adipocytes (fat cells) are not located on the surface, but in the hypodermis, the lower layer of your skin. For the active ingredients to reach, lymphatic circulation should be activated. You will need to deeply massage the area whilst applying your product. Do it with circular movements, from up to down. If you use an anti-cellulite product with a slimming oil texture, apply it directly after taking a shower, when your skin is still damp.

3. How to apply an anti-cellulite cream You need to apply your cellulite cream at least twice a day. And every day. Be consistent, this is the key factor. And do not be tight: use a good amount of the product. The higher the amount, the better the results. In terms of cosmetic quality, the texture of the current formulas may be as good as a serum.

4. Exercise helps removing cellulite Exercise improves the results. Draining active ingredients and lipolytics work much better if you do some exercise after applying your anti-cellulite cream.

5. The newest anti-cellulite creams Receiving anti-cellulite active ingredients through a tissue increases their benefits. They penetrate better and do not evaporate. A new product to be sprayed on your clothes is based on this principle. A step forward is microencapsulated textile cosmetics: the tissues contain active ingredients, which are progressively liberated when touching your skin. In order to improve the results, combine it with an anti-cellulite draining gel and an anti-cellulite gel for difficult areas.

6. Smoother skin in 30 days - guaranteed! 30 days later you will feel your skin smoother, but only if you eliminated water. Be patient and wait for 3 months. Realistically, this is the appropriate time for fat to start moving. And if you want to keep your skin tone, you will have to apply your anti-cellulite cream even after seeing the results. Adipocytes never really disappear, so if you stop using your cream, they will go back to their previous state, the orange peel skin marks.