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Anticellulite diet, How to remove cellulite

Anti-Cellulite Diet: Menu Anti-Cellulite for 7 Days

Diet menu to get rid of 8 to 10 lbs per month, lose weight and reduce cellulite

Anti-Cellulite Diet to Get Rid Of 10 Lbs per month

Diet menu to get rid of cellulite and lose weight
Cellulite affects 9 out of 10 women. Slim women also have cellulite. A week of anti-cellulite menus to clearly reduce cellulite, the so called “orange peel skin” and lose up to 10 lbs per month. Fight the cellulite!

Find out the secrets to fight cellulite with diets and anti-cellulite food. Diet menu to reduce cellulite on thighs. How to get rid of cellulite, now!

Contraindications: None. It does not totally cure cellulite, it just helps to get rid of visible cellulite.

Anti-Cellulite Diet Menu

A cellulite menu is based on food quality, best keto multivitamin is the key to defeat cellulite: diet should be balanced and include quality nutrients in proportional amounts.

Our Expert Opinion about Cellulite

The anti-cellulite diet will fight cellulite. If you are overweight, an anti-cellulite diet will help lose your body fat. You need to have good nutrition reflexes in order to defeat cellulite, say our experts.

Anti-Cellulite Diet: Diet Menu to Fight Cellulite

Anti-cellulite diets include food which contain Omega-3, carbohydrates with a low glycemic index and antioxidants to regulate the blood flow. You should drink 1.5 litres of water per day, but never during meals, to eliminate toxins and improve circulation. Please find below the diet menu to get rid of cellulite:

Cellulite diet: Monday
½ avocado and lemon juice
Curry Chicken breast and lentils
1 goat milk or soy yoghurt
A few strawberries

Tomato salad with a drop of olive oil
Steamed salmon with spinach and soy cream
Pink grapefruit salad with mint

Cellulite diet: Tuesday
Green beans salad with walnut oil and balsamic vinegar
Duck fillet, brown rice with asparagus
Apricot compote with crushed almonds.

Cream of vegetables
Spanish omelette with herbs, ratatouille (vegetable soup)
1 yoghurt with goat, sheep or soy milk.

Cellulite diet: Wednesday
Artichokes with vinaigrette (olive oil, lemon, basil)
Veal carpaccio, wheat salad
1 goat, sheep or soy milk yoghurt with bits of pear and cinnamon.

Mixed salad: palm hearts, avocado, sweetcorn, tomato, fresh tuna, brown rice, a drop of olive oil and squeezed lemon
Cherry compote

Cellulite diet: Thursday
Grated carrots with walnut oil and cider vinegar
Cod Filet, leek fondue
1 cube of sheep cheese
Wholegrain or multi-grain bread
Strawberries with lemon rind.

Hummus (chickpeas puré)
Roast turkey, sautéed courgettes with cumin
1 soy milk yoghurt (or goat, sheep).

Cellulite diet: Friday
Asparagus with vinaigrette
Roast chicken thigh (no skin), steamed broccoli
Fresh goat cheese
Sourdough bread
1 peach.

Grated celery, olive oil dressing, cider vinegar and garlic
Trout fillet with crushed almonds, quinoa
1 goat, sheep or soy milk yoghurt.

Cellulite diet: Saturday
Cucumber salad with mint
Grilled tuna fillet, quinoa with turmeric
1 slice of homemade apple pie.

Leeks with vinaigrette (olive oil and squeezed lemon, with pickled onion)
Sautéed chicken fillets, peas
1 goat, sheep or soy milk yoghurt
¼ pinapple.

Cellulite diet: Sunday
Rocket salad with walnuts
Lamb fillet, cauliflower gratin with homemade bechamel (made with corn starch or potato starch)
1 piece of fresh goat cheese
Wholegrain or multi-grain bread
A few cherries with cinnamon.

Broccoli salad with crushed almonds
Sirloin steak, quinoa with mushrooms
1 goat, sheep or soy milk yoghurt
1 apricot compote.

Cellulite diet: Breakfast
Cellulite Tea or coffee without sugar
Cellulite Fresh fruit (peach, kiwi, red grapes, apricot…)
Cellulite Goat, sheep or soy milk yoghurt
Cellulite Organic egg, goat or sheep cheese or a slice of cured ham
Cellulite Wholegrain or multi-grain bread.

Anti-Cellulite Diet Results: 4 Lbs Less per Month

The anti-cellulite diet will defeat cellulite and you will lose 4 kgs per month, by following a healthy diet menu, high in fibres and antioxidants. In order to reach your goals ever faster, we recommend to exercise 2-3 times per week, for a minimum of 40 minutes per session. Sport helps burning fat and improves blood flow, so it is the perfect ally against cellulite, say our experts.